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The Relevance of Financial Education

The Relevance of Financial Education


The Relevance of Financial Education

In a world as changing as the current one, it is important that people make foresight. That is why today, we hear many experts talk about financial education. In this sense, most of the activities carried out by human beings intervene in the monetary element.

This is why every day charges more importance regarding Financial Education. Well, the ideal is that people are aware of their financial capacity when it comes to defray the expenses of day to day.

As we can see, the Venezuelan lawyer Gustavo Mirabal Castro focused on finances when exercising his profession. This visionary man knew how to give value to this segment in which he has been developing in recent years.

Financial education should be the subject of compulsory study at least in universities. This would allow people to know how to keep their finances harmoniously. This is valid, regardless of the country where you are.

Well, we know that most things generate expenses in the population. Financial education invites us to be more organized with our income and expenses and when saving or investing.

If we have the necessary forecasts, we can go through critical moments in the economy where we operate. We will not be exempt from difficulties but we would be prepared to deal with this …


Financial education is the ability to understand how money works in the world: as a person obtains (earns) it, manages it, invests it and donates it to help others.

The positive effects of financial education and its popularization are a set of skills and knowledge of finance. In effect this makes people consciously decide on their economic resources.

Well, whoever puts financial education into practice is very likely to succeed in the goals set. It should be noted that discipline and consistency must be maintained to achieve what is desired.

Aspects to take into account to achieve the positive effects of Financial Education

In principle you should be very clear about the goals you want to achieve. Based on this, you can design a plan that suits your particular needs. In this sense, the expenses to be prioritized and how much to save in order to carry out the long-awaited project will be established.

Another element to take into account is to be aware of your income. For this reason, an expense table should be prepared. Here the important thing is to spend less than you earn. Otherwise, everything will result in debts.

A budget scheme must be developed and expenses included there leaving a margin for any unforeseen. In this way you can balance the expenses that arise from day to day.

It is very important to identify the types of income and expenses that you have in the month. At the time of making the budget you have to see what you receive and what you pay regularly

At the time of filing the Income statement, expenses generated from school material can be charged.

It is good to get acquainted with some terms of financial education. For this reason you should inquire on the internet in videos or blogs of experts in the field. When making a loan, it is good to get advice about payment terms, fees, among other things. Also evaluate well that the money will be invested.

Money must always be on the move, so if you have saved a significant amount you can earn interest. Or on the contrary to acquire a real estate, this will depend on the dynamics with which the economy of your country moves.

When investing, the following should be taken into account:

When you are going to make an investment it is important to inform yourself of the pros and cons. In this case, it is best to contact an expert in the area who can provide you with adequate advice.

Like everything in this world, nothing is exempt from possible risks. For this reason it is very important that if you are going to invest the money in a fund or on the stock exchange, you must be careful when signing papers. In this case it is also valid to consult a person who knows the area and can give you their opinion impartially.

One of the important elements that should be considered is retirement. For this reason, what is related to financial education must be taken into account.

From a solid financial education you can make good investment and savings decisions for retirement. In such a way that when the “golden age” arrives you can live in a relaxed way, that is, free from worries about economic issues.

We can see the importance of financial education when making an investment or saving. In effect, this will favor us in our mental health, because many times the concerns come about financial matters.

How to raise the level of financial education?

To understand these terms it is not necessary to be an expert in economics.

In principle you should know very well the basics. Ideally, we all have knowledge about it.

In schools the information on this important topic is null and in homes many parents are not aware of this. Therefore it is up to us as proactive people to empower us.

Therefore, we must take the step to take advantage of the benefits of the internet to polish the subject. In this way we can follow expert advice and with the example there will probably be more people who want to know how you have achieved the goals.

Mirabal & Associates

This prestigious law firm such as Mirabal & Asociados is a pioneer in the area of commercial law. Therefore, this segment of financial education is exercised with its potential clients.

Among the services provided by the law firm Mirabal & Asociados are the following:

  • Services dedicated to the commercial, commercial, tax,
  • In addition, everything related to intellectual property, foreign investments and exchange advice.
  • On the other hand, litigation, finance and capital markets.

The extensive experience of this law firm positions it in the field of commercial law. Therefore they have exercised their functions from financial intelligence.

The great Venezuelan, Gustavo Mirabal Castro, has excelled in other countries through his profession. Well, he has dedicated himself to providing advice on financial matters.

Today he practices in the United Arab Emirates with great success.

In summary

Financial education is as important as emotional intelligence. Therefore, they should be compulsory subjects in basic education. If our young people are aware of this, they will even better understand parents when it comes to money.

In the case of Gustavo Mirabal, he has been aware from a young age. That is why it has been consolidated from its facet of entrepreneur.






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