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Create Space in Your Day with CARET Legal Practice Management

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Amy Reynolds, senior training specialist, walked Zack through CARET Legal’s new and improved features. Aimed squarely at helping smaller and mid-sized firms be productive, these features include an enhanced user interface, robust tools, and the latest in client communications.

Designed for Quick Access to Critical Information

Dashboard Views

The homepage shows user-customizable views of the day’s most important information alongside quick-access tools for frequently used commands. By default, users see their calendar, tasks, and email “above the fold.”

Global Searching

Click the magnifying glass in the header to begin a program-wide search. Type search terms and the program combs through everything, even Word and OCRed PDF documents.

Quick Add

The plus button in the header quickly creates new contacts, events, file notes, time entries, and more. With a pop-up-style window, you don’t have to leave what you’re doing when memory strikes. Instead, just click the plus, capture the information, and return to work.

Ubiquitous Time Capture

Attorneys know the importance of good timekeeping. All firms benefit from measuring how long it takes to complete a matter. CARET Legal helps by:

  • Letting users run up to ten timers for easy task switching;
  • Being able to start and stop timers from any device; and
  • Permitting the firm to set standard, user-selectable billing narratives for consistency.

Watch this portion of our conversation with Amy to learn about CARET Legal’s powerful user interface.

An End-to-End Solution

A robust user interface must be backed by capable, approachable features. The product delivers an end-to-end solution providing valuable calendar and email, task, and matter management tools.

Calendar and Email

All calendar and email functionality throughout the program integrates bi-directionally with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

CARET Legal’s calendar lets users:

  • Categorize and color-code appointments based on customizable event types;
  • Calculate dates, like statutes of limitation, forward and backward with simple math, accounting for weekends and holidays; and
  • Create suggested meeting attendees based on matter contacts.

With email, the integration is no mere “save to file” add-in for Gmail or Outlook. Instead, users directly connect their Google or Microsoft email, allowing full access to their inboxes and folders. Users can forward, reply to, and file emails, and attach and save documents. No flipping back and forth between an email app and CARET Legal required.


Task creation requires only a name. Everything else is optional, and the program auto-fills where possible. For example, if a user creates a new “quick task” with only a name, CARET Legal automatically assigns the task to that user and sets a deadline of 5 PM the same day.

Other helpful task-centric features include:

  • Task description fields permitting formatted text, hyperlinks, and multiple attachments;
  • The ability to customize statuses between “start” and “finish”;
  • Configurable alerts to the task assignee and others about overdue and completed tasks; and
  • Sub-tasks and task templates.


Matters are “home base” in CARET Legal. Each matter contains every CARET Legal feature in miniature, pre-filtered to the selected matter.

Within a matter, users can:

  • View financial information, including time entries;
  • View and edit contacts, custom fields, emails, events, and tasks;
  • Save and edit file notes, with support for formatting features like lists, pictures, tables, and hyperlinks;
  • Create, review, and edit documents with a web-based editor, zDrive, or the Microsoft Word plugin; and
  • Share those documents with clients via a client portal secured with multi-factor authentication.

Watch this portion of our conversation with Amy to learn about CARET Legal’s end-to-end toolkit.

Built for Modern Communication

CARET Legal furnishes two popular, client-facing, time-saving features: text messaging and intake forms.

Text Messaging

CARET Legal establishes a single virtual phone number for the firm. That one phone number applies to all matters in the system. To open a matter for texting, a firm user sends an outgoing message to the client and links that message to a matter. The system automatically ties the client’s texts to that initiating matter. Once begun, the text conversation is bidirectional, like regular texting.

Intake Forms

Intake forms are customizable questionnaires. For example, internally, call screeners might use them for leads. Externally, clients could supply matter-related information securely. Creating and completing forms feels familiar and approachable, like a web-based survey. When used externally, the client and firm can add information to the same intake. They could even walk through it together on the phone.

Watch this portion of our conversation with Amy to learn about CARET Legal’s communication tools.

Get Started

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