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Innovation in horseshoes for horses: rubber, copper, …

Innovation comes everywhere, sooner or later. Horseshoes for horses are undergoing an incredible transformation. From manufacturing techniques, materials and designs, everything has been revolutionized in horseshoes.

This is because horseshoes are a fundamental component for the health of horses. Some of the most common diseases and conditions are related to horse hooves and horseshoes.

We find horseshoes for horse “one size fits all” or made to measure. We get horseshoes of different polymers, metals or composite materials depending on the activity of the horse. Even its design and placement have received their corresponding dose of innovation.

In this article you will get everything you need to choose with the best possible criteria the horseshoes for your horse. If you care about your well-being and your economy, here you will find the answers you need.

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Conditions that are related to horseshoes suffered by horses.

Horses can suffer from numerous diseases. But as we mentioned before, horseshoes and their placement can be related to a multitude of conditions. Here are some of the related conditions:

  • Laminitis: Disease related to the weakening of the helmet. It has a nutritional origin, but can be favored by poor hardware.
  • Problems with placement: The placement of horseshoes is a complex process that involves the use of nails in the horse’s hoof. Poor placement can lead to pain or even permanent injury to horses. Nails and the technique for fixing the horseshoe is the key.
  • Problems with joints: The traditional material of horseshoes for horses is steel, a very rigid material. With steel there is no adequate cushioning effect of the blow of the leg on the ground. This can bring adverse effects on the horse’s joints.
  • Fungi and bacteria: Mud is embedded between the horse’s hoof and the horseshoe. Dirt without proper maintenance can lead to contamination of the helmet causing infections.

It is important to pay great attention to horseshoes for our horses and their placement. We must conduct research before we lean towards traditional solutions.

Laminitis – Conditions associated with horseshoes

Why innovate in horseshoes?

Steel horseshoe is very common and economical. However, long-term steel horseshoes can have the drawbacks mentioned above.

To the costs of the horseshoe, we must add the necessary maintenance costs, to guarantee the health of the horse. We also must add the costs derived from related conditions due to the hardware, however good it may be.

By evaluating these variables, we can find options that are more profitable in the long run. These options will also have the advantage of avoiding unforeseen events and damage to the health and well-being of the horse. Whether by economic criteria or by humanistic criteria on the treatment of the horse, we can find an optimal solution. It is convenient to evaluate all our options according to the purpose of the horse and the terrain where it will perform its work.

Several companies and researchers have dedicated themselves to the task of developing products that mitigate some of the problems we mentioned above. That is why today we will mention the advantages of each of the innovations in the horseshoe segment for horses.

From countries as diverse as Chile, Australia, Argentina or Germany, an effort is being made to improve the quality of life of horses. In those countries we find companies and researchers innovating in horseshoes for horses.

It will be you who will decide what is best for your horse. From this article we just want to open the world to all the alternatives you have.

3D printed titanium horseshoe – Innovations in design, materials and manufacturing

Lapod, aerated sheet to protect horseshoes for horses from Argentina.

The first innovation is not intended to replace the traditional horseshoe. On the contrary, the Lapod is a complement to the horseshoe to correct those weaknesses that it presents.

The Lapod is a sheet of a polymer with mechanical properties that protect the horse from impacts. Its aerated design facilitates its cleaning, and allows the passage of air to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.

Its creator, Lucio Agúndez, is a veterinarian from the province of Neuquén in Argentina.

Lapod has the advantage of attaching to all those horses that have traditional horseshoes without a large investment. But additionally, it adds great benefits such as:

  • Decreased impact on joints.
  • Decreases the impact of the helmet when the horse travels through hard terrain.
  • Aerates the area avoiding the proliferation of fungi and bacteria and allows the application of antiseptics.
  • Protects the horse’s helmet from wounds and dirt.
  • It is light so it does not affect the performance of the horse.

This veterinarian from Neuquén was inspired when he saw an ancient work of art. In this painting it could be seen that the process of horse hardware had not changed in centuries. This prompted him to innovate in this regard.

The first question that was asked is how can I increase the welfare of the horse and decrease maintenance costs easily? From there Lapod was born.

Given the different activities carried out by the horses, Agúndez designed two models:

  • Turf model: intended for racehorses that focuses on repetitive and fast strokes on soft terrain.
  • Cross model: intended for horses that walk at a lower speed, but on hard ground.

It is an economical option that maintains the traditional steel horseshoe but will have a significant impact on the health and well-being of the horse.

Lapod – Horseshoe protector for horses

Options for your horse’s horseshoes are options for your well-being

There are certainly many options when it comes to horseshoes that will improve the lives of your horses. Today we can say that innovation also achieves the well-being of these wonderful animals.

If you are interested in improving your long-term costs or the well-being of your horses, we advise you to do good research on this.

From the press team of Gustavo Mirabal, we invite you to invest in the future of your horse and in the profitability of your company. A small additional expense today can be a big saving in your future. Think about it and decide. Here we are waiting for you to advise you.

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