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Most winning jockeys of all time

Horse Racing is one of the most popular sports related to horses. As in any horse sport, the rider and the horse must be one to become winners. That is why today we will talk about the most winning jockeys of all time in world equestrian.

There are certainly many horse-related sports around the world, such as equestrian jumping. However, none reach the popularity of horse racing. An exciting world that anyone can understand. This is a sport in which horse and jockey give everything they have to be the first to reach the goal.

Betting on horse racing is admitted in most countries. However, some forbid it and only leave the spectacle factor.

Horse racing generates the money needed to sustain the sport for jockeys, horses, and their breeders. However, it is not the only income. A lot of money is also earned by using the horses as stallions. Later we will see the reasons why a good jockey is so important for the sport and for the sustainability of this equestrian sport.

But first let’s meet some of the most winning jockeys of all time. The jockeys will be organized from the lowest to the most wins. Start.

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Irad Ortiz Jr.

Puerto Rican Irad Ortiz Jr. with his 3,257 wins is among the winningest jockeys in history. It is still active so its chances of continuing to climb in this table are very important.

Irad Ortiz Jr. started running at the age of 19 in 2011. He is currently only 29 years old, which augurs well for him to improve significantly in these future standings. Since 2015 it has not fallen below 300 annual victories and 20 million dollars of profits.

This jockey comes from a family of horse racing jockeys. It is named after his grandfather, Irad Ortiz who was also a racing jockey. Ivan Ortiz, his uncle, was also a jockey in Puerto Rico.

In addition to this, José Ortiz, his younger brother, decided to follow in his footsteps and is a jockey in New York. He has become in the top 10 of the jockeys with the highest income for 8 years in a row.

Without a doubt, Irad Ortiz Jr. has horse racing in his blood and is one of the most winning jockeys of all time.

Irad Ortiz Jr.
Irad Ortiz Jr.

Edgar Prado

Edgar Prado is a Peruvian-born U.S. jockey. He was born on the tenth of June 97 in Lima, Peru. Thanks to his sports career he moved to the United States and became a national.

This prominent jockey remains active, but his career is already beginning to enter the decline. With his impressive 7,113 wins, he is a long way from defeated.

This jockey achieved a great feat in the Kentucky Derby in 2006, thanks to which he remained in the minds of sports fans.

In the 132nd Kentucky Derby in 2006 he won with a 6 and a half-body lead. This feat has only been achieved on one previous occasion in Kentucky Derby history. He walked the track in two minutes for a second, which gave him the support of invincible.

Prado has also won the Belmont Stakes twice. He is undoubtedly one of the most winning jockeys of all time.


Edgar Prado – The most winning jinentes of all time


This list of jockeys will continue to be fed with riders who have marked time and history in their respective moments. For Gustavo Mirabal Castro it is important to show the contribution of horses in human civilization. But it is also important to highlight the contribution of all those people who contribute to the inclusion and care of horses in our society.

The importance of winning jockeys in the sport.

Horse owners can profit from both racing prizes, sponsorships, and the subsequent horse breeding process.

The best horses become stallions that can be used to breed new horses with better genetics or even to create new horse breeds.

Races are the opportunity to show the potential of horses, and that in this way they can become stallions in the future. This source of income can become one of the most important for horse owners and breeders.

And although the horse is the one who brings the power and speed, the jockey brings the technique and strategy. The connection between horse and rider is as important as that which exists in any other equestrian sport.

That is why a jockey who can get the full potential of a horse helps the horse have a chance to become a stallion. Despite the good genetics, if the horse is not able to prove it will not be considered. This is how the jockey is a key component for owners and breeders. That is why good riders are valued and have great importance in the sport.

But let’s briefly talk about strategy in horse racing and then look at the most winning jockeys of all time.


Strategies of the most winning riders of all time.

The first key for riders or jockeys to become winners is to achieve connection with the horse. If the horse connects with the rider, he will trust him and effectively attend to his orders during the race. This ensures that the horse is concerned with performing and the rider with driving and stimulating him.

On the other hand, the rider must know the perfect balance to be able to extract the best from a horse.

If a rider forces a horse too much, he can cause him to get injured or stumble in the race. If you don’t push it hard enough, then you won’t perform at your full potential. Only a rider well connected with his horse can extract his best performance without injuring him.

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