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Pulpit and Tapit father and son equestrian champions

Pulpit and Tapit two great horses of the North American horse.

Pulpit and Tapit
Pulpit and Tapit

These specimens proved to be astonishing on the racetracks.

Both horses stood out big in every engagement and made the hobby thrill.

In each race where Pulpit and Tapit participated it was really a show.

Today you will know a little more of the history of both. Father and son with a lineage of champions.

You ready?


Pulpit and Tapit

Pulpit was born on February 15, 1994. The horse Pulpit was raised at Claiborne Farm in Kentucky, United States.

Among his sporting achievements is winning the races Fountain of Youth Stakes and Blue Grass Stakes, before finishing fourth in the Kentucky Derby of 1997.

Unfortunately, he got hurt from that race and had to withdraw it. But that’s not the end of the horse.

It was barely the beginning. But let’s get to know a little more about his career track record.

Pulpit’s training was run by the famous Frank L. Brothers.

During his career in the tracks, Pulpit won 4 of his 6 races, including:

  • First place at the Carrera Fountain of Youth Stakes in 1997
  • Second place in Florida Derby of 1997
  • First place in the 1997 Bluegrass Stakes
  • He arrived in fourth place at the Kentucky Derby in 1997 highlighting for being only his fourth race.

In total he obtained $ 728,200 in awards thanks to his scarce 4 wins.

However, during the Kentucky Derby, Pulpit suffered an injury to his left rear leg. This truncated his career as a racehorse.

But as we told you, this is not the end as we will see below.


Pulpit and its phase as a stallion

After that painful stage of recovery Pulpìt comes back, but as a stallion.

The resistance of this horse, his strength and speed made him a father with a high chance of engendering champions.

Those who thought this were definitely right.

The fleeting star that meant Pulpit’s career opened other doors.

In addition to his success in racing, Pulpit was known for his role as a stallion for the breeding of pure blood horses.

Among its most successful descendants are some racehorses among which are Tapit, Orb and Constitution.

Tapit is its most prominent and also the subject of this article, which we will discuss later.

And it is that the lineage of Pulpit spread to its offspring and there is more than one horse champion in the United States.

Some of the outstanding children of Pulpit are: Tonalist and the famous of these times California Chrome.

Once he was retired from the races the horse was taken to Claiborne Farm near Paris, Kentucky, where he became a successful father.

Pulpit was subsequently retired as a stallion in 2011 due to health problems.

His owners gave him a dignified retirement at Claiborne Farm, where he had spent much of his life.

Pulpit died peacefully on December 6, 2012. The veterinarians certified that he died without illness or injuries, he just turned off his life.

He then enjoys the thrilling moment when Pulpit wins the 1997 Gulfstream Park Allowance Race:

YouTube Video

The brilliant offspring of Pulpit

The horse Pulpit has been an influential stallion in the breeding of pure blood horses, as we mentioned earlier.

He’s had a lot of successful descendants in the races.

We will mention some of your identifying each one of them, for more information.Some of Pulpit’s most prominent descendants are:

  • Tapit: Considered one of the best stallions of today, Tapit has produced several important racing winners, including Tonalist, Frosted and Creator.
  • Orb: Winner of Kentucky Derby in 2013, Orb is another notable son of Pulpit. He also won the Florida Derby and the Fountain of Youth Stakes.
  • Constitution: Undefeated Florida Derby and Donn Handicap, and father of several winning racehorses.
  • Power Broker: Winner of the FrontRunner Stakes and the Indiana Derby.
  • Stroll: Winner of the Hollywood Derby and the Woodford Reserve Turf Classic.
  • Authentic: Kentucky Derby Winner, Breeders’ Cup Classic and other important awards in 2020.
  • Ironicus: Winner of multiple grade 1 races, including Shadwell Turf Mile and Poker Stakes.
  • Power Broker: Winner of FrontRunner Stakes and Indiana Derby, among other achievements.

These are only some of the successful descendants of Pulpit the racehorse and father of Tapit.


Tapit, like father like son

Now, let’s move to the background to talk to you about the great Tapit.

A beautiful gray horse with white that fell in love with the equestrian audience.

The one that was expected great things and the best of all is that it did not disappoint.

This son of Pulpit is the champion of the seasons 2014, 2015 and 2016.

After this a life as a stallion begins and a session with him cost $ 300,000 (2018), review the portal

Moreover, their owners began to limit the list of mares to control the mating of the horse.According to Horse Racing Nation, the list was taken to a maximum of 125 mares in 2018.

Tapit’s yearbook in Keeneland in September 2017 averaged $950,000, being the highest horse average of the sale since 2006.

Tapit breeds the top three most expensive selling rings of the year in North America: $2.7 million Full Sister to Cupid, $2. 6 million colts of Miss Besilu and $ 2.5 million colts of Tiz Miz Sue.

By 2017 a Colt of Tapit cost 1.9 million dollars, according to the portal Horse Racing Nation.

El caballo Tapit

Tapit as a stallion, even better than as a racehorse

After his three-year season he starts a life as a stallion in which he has been much more productive for his owners.

Tapit was better to be a stallion and his children gave the size impressive.

Velocitas and Champions who have left the line of Pulpit, his father AP Indy, as well as the mare’s Tap Your Heels, the betting winner and his maternal grandmother Ruby Slippers.

Tapit, the son of Pulpit

Pulpit and Tapit, like father like son…

Without a doubt there are great similarities between Tapit and Pulpit.

The race of both as stallios, Pulpit and Tapit, greatly exceeded his career as racehorses.

This is why Gustavo Mirabal thinks that the core business of the horse business is not in the races, but in the stallios.

So, learning about business analysis is essential to turn a passion like horses into a way of life and a business.

With Gustavo Mirabal you can learn everything about it.

La entrada Pulpit and Tapit father and son equestrian champions se publicó primero en Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

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