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Top Famous Horses – Horses with Own Name

There are horses that are as famous as their owners, or even more. Whether for their historical role, for their characteristics these horses are famous in the world. Whether it’s because of their participation in poignant or exciting, real or fictional stories, many just by hearing their name, we know who they’re talking about.

These horses have inspired works of art, books and films and that’s why today we will talk about the Top of Famous Horses.

To do this we have classified the horses according to fiction, whether they have stood out for their role in the story or for some special skill.

Just add let’s get to know the most famous horses in history.

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Famous horses of literature and the arts

Some horses have had an outstanding participation as companions of literary or audiovisual heroes. Below we will talk about the 3 most popular horses in literature or the arts. They are horses whose gallop has been marked on the pages of our books or on the screens of our TV. Let’s just add start.

Tornado, Zorro’s Horse

Tornado is one of the most famous horses on television. Thanks to the fame of Zorro and his 1970s TV series Tornado became famous. Tornado, Zorro’s horse, became a character in his own right as it does not appear in the original play.

Zorro is a hero born of Johnston McCulley’s imagination by creating a hero on horseback dressed in black. This hero fights the government’s injustices against poor citizens. A hero located in the time of colonization and the old west reminiscent of Robin Hood.

But the funniest thing is that Tornado doesn’t appear among the pages written by Johnston McCulley. It is Walt Disney himself when he decides to make a television series when he incorporates the role of Tornado, Zorro’s Horse.

There were so many attributes that gave tornadoes that it took 3 horses to play the role. Tornado became Zorro’s best ally in his quest for justice. A strong, fast and very intelligent horse. Definitely the best of horses.

Tornado and Zorro - Famous Horses
Tornado and Zorro – Famous Horses

Pegasus, The Mythological Horse

Pegasus is a mythological horse whose distinctive feature is that it had wings. Definitely quite a curiosity. Pegasus’ wings allowed him to fly and even travel to Olympus, home to the Greek gods.

The horse of Zeus, the greatest of the Greek gods, was Pegasus. Pegasus appears in the mythology associated with the Greek hero Belerofonte and the adventure to defeat chimera.

As a curiosity, one of the constellations of stars is named Pegasus.

Pegasus has been one of the mythological horses with the greatest cinematic presence. He appeared in the Disney animation Hercules, in both versions of Fury of Titans, and in Wrath of Titans.

Pegasus - Famous Horses
Pegasus – Famous Horses

Rocinante, the horse of Don Quixote de la Mancha

Don Quixote de la Mancha is the published book translated into more languages. It is also on the list of the 100 best literary works in history.

Miguel de Saavedra’s work tells us the story of a man who in his obsession with cavalry novels decides to become a knight. Don Quixote takes his big dreams, ramshackle armor and skinny horse, Rocinante, and embarks on his mission.

Rocinante is one of the most famous horses. His fame comes from a work in which mediocre works of the cavalry genre that flooded bookstores are ridiculed. A genre that became popular and reached the point that was filled with low-quality works.

Rocinante is the opposite of what a gentleman’s horse would be. A skinny horse for lack of food and not too strong. The play seeks to parody cavalry novels.

Thanks to his writing and his ability to play with words and ideas, the works of Miguel de Saavedra stand out. It is the best-selling and translated book behind the Bible.

Thus a skinny and weak horse became one of the most famous in history being the opposite of what a cavalry horse promises.

Famous horses of history

Throughout history, the horse has played a very important role. In principle, horse as an agricultural and transport tool played a key role. But when horses became war technology and the great leaders of history were associated with their role was recognized.

This is how the horses of military leaders are widely recognized. But because these horses were chosen from many, these horses earned the right to have a proper name.

These horses have shared the fame of their owners. That’s why today we’ll talk about the famous horses in history. Here we will find one of the most outstanding horses, Bucephalus.

Without further adding anything, let’s get started.

Bucephalus, Alexander the Great’s horse.

Alexander the Great is considered the ruler of the world’s greatest empire. The son of the king of Macedonia, Alexander the Great did not settle for his kingdom and began to expand to the rest of the world. Alexander the Great reached the following titles:

  • King of Macedonia
  • Hegemon of Greece,
  • Pharaoh of Egypt
  • Great King of Media and Persia

His victories would not have been such without the company of his great horse Bucophalo.

Legend has it that Bucephalus was a briste, strong horse that no one wanted to acquire. His bad character made no one able to ride him, however Alexander noticed that Bucephalus was frightened of his shadow. He asked his father that if he could ride it he would buy it and Alexander approaching him from a side where the shadow did not bother him, he rode it and made it his own.

The death of Alexander the greats horse Bucephalus – George Jones

A spectacular list of famous horses

Without a doubt the incomparable list of famous horses. Each horse has its own personality and talents. Through the top of famous horses we seek to highlight the role of the horse in the history of humanity.

Every horse is very valuable and thanks to these examples we know what the potential of horses is. Protecting them so that they can accompany us is the task of all human beings.

Gustavo Mirabal seeks to promote awareness about the role of the horse in the development of humanity. In this way the horses will be treated with the love and respect they deserve. Undoubtedly an initiative to raise awareness and publicize your valuable contributions.

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