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What did Queen Elizabeth II die of? The Horse lover Queen

The news has gone around the world and shocked much of the UK. Queen Elizabeth II has died and the protocol of transfer of power began. One aspect that has been little portrayed by the media is that Queen Elizabeth was a horse lover queen. Today we will tell you their story.

One of the most interesting things about the reign of Elizabeth II is that it became a modern image. A mixture of tradition with updating to the new times. So it was also with horses for this horse-loving queen. Horses in today’s world mean sport, in the past a great friend and ally. Perhaps that is why the horse represents that connection between the ancient and the modern.

Additionally, Queen Elizabeth II represents a legacy for the cause of equality between men and women. That a Queen has ruled one of the most important countries in the world and has done so well gives a lot to talk about.

Although the role of the queen has a more symbolic connotation, it is precisely this symbolism that is needed in times of claims to the role of women.

Queen Elizabeth II was a queen who gave a lot to talk about. Whether it was her role as a female leader, her passage to modernity or the controversies that always haunted her, she was always in the limelight.

His apparent softness was how he led the country and his family to the best possible position. Although not everyone agrees with their position and their decisions, we can say that the United Kingdom in other hands would have been a chaos.

But let’s know below a little more about the controversies that surrounded it.

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The controversies of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, the horse lover queen.

His reign was fraught with controversy, thanks to the complexity of political relations in the upper echelons. Likewise, despite her carrying an important legacy on herself, not all the family understood and respected such a legacy.

In that mixture of modernity, its history and that of the modern crown was portrayed in the series “The Crown”. This series uncovered so many plots, gossip, and documented the Queen’s difficult role in bringing the monarchical institution to the modern world.

Additionally, the unfortunate physical disappearance of Lady Di, hit the image of that institution. Recent scandals have also taken care of it.

The truth is that the institution of the monarchy has achieved the objective of providing a sense of continuity and stability. Thanks to this, it continues to exist. What will happen to King Charles III? It remains to be seen.

However, one aspect of the queen that we will discuss in depth in this article will be her love for horses.

If Queen Elizabeth II had not been queen, she would have been a great horse owner and perhaps a professional rider. We’ll never know. But today we will tell you two stories… What Queen Elizabeth II died of and the story of the horse-loving queen. And we will also tell you a little about what was the life of Queen Elizabeth II, a queen who did not want to be but who fate put her in that place.

Without further ado, let’s move on.

The portrayal of the Queen in the TV series “The Crown”

Short biography of Queen Elizabeth II, the horse lover

Born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, she was the daughter of King George V and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. She was not destined to become Queen, but due to numerous events of chance, she became the successor to the throne.

This was due to the abdication of his uncle, King Edward VIII, Edward Albert Windsor. Elizabeth’s uncle fell in love with a divorced American woman. The Anglican church, headed by the King of the United Kingdom, does not admit marriage to a divorced person until his previous partner dies.

These events provoked a constitutional crisis which led to the abdication of Edward VIII and came to the throne to Elizabeth’s father.

His father, until that time Albert Frederick Arthur George, immediately became George VI of the United Kingdom. Elizabeth, at only 10 years of age, became the successor to the crown.

However, there were times when the possibility of his uncle having an heir put the royal succession at risk. However, this did not happen.

But the strongest was yet to come after his father passed away prematurely. This put the responsibility of the crown prematurely on his head at only 27 years old. A change for a crown accustomed to experience. Beyond that, Elizabeth’s personality was instrumental in her being well regarded for the position.

Her relatives and the politicians who had the pleasure of meeting her indicated that she reflected authority and responsibility, first and foremost.

Queen Elizabeth II in her youth, the horse lover

What Queen Elizabeth II, the horse lover queen, died of

Given that photos appeared on social networks two days before her death, it is estimated that the death of Elizabeth II was due to something unexpected. Some rumors indicate that probably a fall could have caused his death.

Maybe we’ll never know, or maybe it wasn’t that accidental. If we are sure of anything, it is that the intrigues in the palace are innumerable and more so when you see a queen whose longevity could truncate the possibility of exercising the reign to the successors.

Undoubtedly, secrecy does not seem to favor transparency and doubts grow. But this is part of the mystery surrounding England’s royal family.


The queen lover of horses and corgis.

Queen Elizabeth II was known for her love of horses and corgy dogs.

On the horse’s side he had a stable of 20 horse breeding mares that gave him at least 7 big wins and 2 outstanding victories internationally. With this he surpassed his father who was also a great fan of horse breeding. But it is also that the Queen of England was an exceptional rider, according to those familiar with the subject.

Some say that the queen wanted to become a horse. The truth is that one of the queen’s great public pastimes was horseback riding and running her stable of horses. He also regularly attended horse racing.

Moreover, the corgies during his reign also became a symbol of British royalty. Where the British royalty portrayed appeared, there appeared a corgy as an official mascot.

The truth is that his love for animals, especially dogs and horses had no doubt. That is why today we are talking about Queen Elizabeth II, a lover of horses.

Undoubtedly a woman who gave a new perspective to the role of women in society and with respect to the respect we should have for animals. May she rest in peace.

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