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Zola Suite Tracks Problem KPIs with Advanced Accounting Features

Lawyerist knows the value of tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). But we also know it can be a complicated endeavor, as relevant information is often stored in unrelated applications. Firms commonly resort to third-party software like Zapier to make the connections and run the reports. Even more often, however, firms don’t track the information they can’t easily access.

Since Zola Suite users can run their entire firm from a single platform, the relevant information is never siloed. This allows for some hard-to-find features like origination reporting and productivity tracking. 

Zola Suite’s Complex Firm Reporting

Many law firms compensate their attorneys based on how much business they bring to the practice. This is common whether the firm charges flat fees or on an hourly basis. What is not common, however, is a cloud-based platform that understands this. 

Origination Reports

If your firm is stuck with a legacy provider, now may be the time to change. Zola’s origination reporting allows for multiple sources and fully customizable fee-split accounting.

Productivity Reports

High-level reporting, like P&L statements, can give you a good idea of a portion of your practice’s productivity. But, this is not always enough. Decisions about where marketing money is spent or when to hire your next team member often need a higher level of discernment. 

Zola Suite allows your firm to determine the productivity of individual matters. Intake data, origination information, timekeeping, billing, and expenses are all tracked in the same platform. You can even determine the productivity of specific timekeepers.

How to Get It

Want to learn more about Zola Suite? Check out our full review, where you can get user feedback, compare features, and see more demo videos.If you’re eager to jump right in, though, you can go straight to and get a free demo.

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