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Sports performance of the equine

Sports performance of the equine



Sports performance of the equine

The horse or equine is an animal that has always served the human being to a large extent. The texture of this animal makes it ideal for participating in sports. For this reason we will address the sports performance of the equine.

Just as humans need preparation to participate in any sports discipline, horses also require it. In this sense, to achieve excellent results merits a series of measures to take into account.

The equine must be in good health. In addition, training and a healthy diet are vital for sports performance of the equine. In addition, good treatment of the horse is key to its good performance in equestrian competitions.

Both the owner and the rider want the horse to be in excellent condition in every way. We want the sports performance of the equine to be excellent.

Sports performance of the equine
Sports performance of the equine

Clean water is ideal for the sports performance of the equine

Water is vital for all living beings, in this case the horse’s hydration is essential.

The vital liquid must be clean because this is one of the elements that influence the sports performance of the equine. If the opposite happens, it results in colic.

If a horse is well hydrated the animal feels fresh. In addition, this makes the horse achieve good sports performance of the equine.

On the other hand, food plays an important role in provoking the horse’s thirst. In this sense, if you want to apply this strategy you should be supplied with foods that contain hay and electrolytes.

One aspect to take into account is that before each equestrian competition the horse has been properly hydrated.

Usually a horse consumes about 25 liters of water a day when it is at rest. While if this the hot season can consume approximately 90 liters per day.

Also when you have exercised a lot, you usually consume a considerable amount of water.

If the issue of adequate hydration of the horse is fully fulfilled then sports performance of the equine will be good.

Sports performance of the equine
Sports performance of the equine

A balanced diet is key to sports performance of the equine.

Another aspect to take into account for the good sports performance of the equine is feeding.

Among the foods that are recommended for sports performance of the equine an excellent are the following:

  • Forage: stimulates the horse by getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.
  • Grass: helps the horse have a correct pH, Omega 3 and water
  • Alfalfa hay provide constant energy to the horse
  • It is recommended to provide the horse with at least 1.5% of its weight in fodder.

Among the advantages that alfalfa has is that it plays a protective role in the horse’s stomach. In this sense, it prevents the formation of gastric ulcers. In addition, it provides a good source of protein and minerals.

Alfalfa gives the horse in small quantities, the amount is two to three kilos daily.

In the case of hay, the horse is given on intensive training days.

This food provides energy, stimulates water consumption and strengthens the intestinal flora. In fact, the horse drinks approximately four liters of water after the consumption of this food.

Vitamin levels in balance

To strengthen the horse’s health, adequate doses of vitamins should be administered according to the weight of the animal.

For best results in the sports performance of the equine it is ideal to consult with a veterinarian.

Vitamin E is very important because it helps make the horse’s muscles strong for the work he does. It also improves the functioning of the immune system.

Equine performance evaluation

Electrolytes and their importance in sports performance of the equine

Electrolytes provide balance to the horse. Therefore, it is necessary to provide them during the time that the horse is in training for a competition and after this

The role of electrolytes is of paramount importance for nerve conduction and contraction. It also intervenes in muscle relaxation and maintenance of the cell membrane.

The horse tends to sweat a lot and if it is active even more, it is therefore important to ensure the consumption of salt and water. In effect the electrolytes will be balanced in the equine.

In summary

Sports performance of the equine is one of the things that worries horse owners when they participate in equestrian competitions.

For this reason, if you comply with the measures mentioned throughout the insurance article, it will be very good for you.

It goes without saying that a horse that participates in sports must have a more rigorous veterinary control. In this sense, the welfare of the animal must be guaranteed

On the other hand, good treatment is extremely important to ensure that sports performance of the horse to be excellent.


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